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CEO Matthias Segiet
The SKP GmbH was founded in 1989 by the current CEO Matthias Segiet. In the early days, the SKP GmbH was focused on automation of individual constructions for automotive, electroplating and tent industry. Since 2000, control units for tent cleaning machines become bigger and bigger. Till in 2003 – this was a milestone - the entire production line of tent cleaning machines was taken over by SKP GmbH.
In this process, the cleaning machines were standardized and optimized for series production. Apart from fully automated tent cleaning machines, also semi or manual tent cleaning machines were developed in order to extend the product portfolio and also to meet the demand of the industry. The new product portfolio was designed in a modular system to allow each customer to configure a customized machine suit to the individual needs. From this day, tent cleaning becomes easier and less expensive for our customers.
By reducing manual work and efficiently usage of water as well as detergent, they can increase quality standards significant without extra cost. The careful treatment of the PVC fabrics in the washing process – even pagodas can be washed – extend the lifetime of each individual fabric. The demand is proving us right, till today every single machine leave our warehouse with special adjustment for each customer.
Maschinen Messe
But not just PVC cleaning machines were enhanced and refined. The tent Industry requested cleaning solutions for their entire inventory as system floor panels, profiles, PVC side walls, glass elements, carpet squares or camp chairs. In some regions of the world, it’s challenging to provide sufficient water or get the material adequate dry after washing, also therefore we found solutions with our water treatment system or drying machine.
SKPident Scanner
New technologies permit new possibilities. So the SKP GmbH launched in 2008 the first warehouse management system especially designed for the tent industry based on the RFID technique. With this software you can organize your warehouse storage place, commissioning jobs, and double check incoming & outgoing material.
Another Milestone was in 2014. The SKP Gmbh published the first Tentmaster made in GERMANY – a tent setup tool to install roof panels.
Fertigung SKP
To keep pace with our expansion, the company had to move into a new production plant, also based in Mühlacker, Germany. The new plant structure allows an optimized production process and, very important for us, a separate demonstration area to present our machinery to new customers. Manufacturing islands instead of line productions allows us to test and validate each machine even in the production process. Only in this way we can ensure that the performance of the various component working together hand in hand and fulfill our quality standards – made in Germany. The SKP GmbH also takes care of the environment, therefore we can produce our own electricity and we only use collected rain water for our in-house customer demonstrations.

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