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  • CC1000


CC1000 - Teppichklopfer und Teppichreinigung
Cleaning carpet tiles can be accomplished in different way. They can be sucked off in the laid out condition or be driven through a brushing and a suction unit. The CC1000 is singular. This plant brushes and does not only suck, but it knocks also the dirt from the carpet tile proper out. Thus an optimal cleaning of carpet tiles can be obtained with higher throughput.

Explicit process

The CC1000 is able to clean up to 300m² ground per hour. For the handling only one worker is needed. According to standard the plant is appropriate for tiles with a width of one meter. However it is optionally also possible to clean smaller or larger carpet elements with this SKP-own development. The transport of the ground elements is reached by means of a infinitely variable speed control. Powered roles with the soft pinchrolls particularly manufactured for SKP make a simple and troublefree transport possible by the plant. The removable hood offers comfortable service work on the plant. The high speed vacuum cleaner works with an amount of air of nearly 20,000 litres per minute. With a suction surface of 60cm ² an efficient cleaning is ensured. The sucked off dirt is caught in a mobile dirt trap. Together with the beaten out dirt both are easy to handle. The CC1000 is completely manufactured made of high-grade steel. The robust execution provides for joy of many years in the plant.


Technical Data

  • Type of control: manual
  • Processing width: 1.000mm
  • Operators: 1
  • Flow rate: 400 - 600 m²/h
  • Power supply: 16 A/ 400 V
  • Power consumption: 3 KWh
  • Cycle time: 6 - 10 min
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 3.200mm x 1.600mm x 1.400mm
  • Weight: 600kg


Options, variations and accessories

  • W
    Adjustment of smaller tiles
  • H
    Automatic piling devices
  • T
    Endless function for carpet rolls
  • D
    Additional wet cleaning
  • V
    Presence control

The size of our carpet cleaner is individual adjustable.

For special comfort it is possible to pile the carpet tiles automatically. Afterwards they can be departed easily.

To clean whole carpet rolls comfortable it is possible to choose the endless option. After inlaying them the automatic function just puts the whole roll through and cleans it throroughly.

It makes sense to clean very dirty and muddy carpets with water. It is possible to use a warm water or a cold water option.

The presence control automates the process for many carpet tiles. As long as the integratet sensor realises carpet tiles, the operation keeps going. As soon as there are no tiles for any length of time, the machine stops working.