CW - Chair cleaning - Cleaning chairs fast and effective

  • CW422
  • CW600


CW422 - Stuhlwaschanlage
If you search for a time-efficient cleaning system for chairs of the same type, for larger events, the CW422 might be the solution for you - since the chair cleaning system CW422 provides great relief and support. Given a throughput of about 100 plastic chairs per hour, only one or two employees are necessary to efficiently and gently clean the seat furniture.

Explicit process

Comfortable fixing of chairs on a clocked band-conveyer makes loading and unloading easier. Each chair is fixated at one of the two loading points, then it is forwarded through several stations of cleaning. At the first, the chair is sprayed with hot detergent out of various nozzles. The detergent is located in a container to re-use it several times. Hereafter two cleaning-stations will gently clean the feet, the bottom, the back, the seat surface and the arm rests by using a soft round brush. On their way to the last station, the brushed chairs are driven through a rinsing spray jet, which removes the cleaner and loses the dirt particles. Finally, the chair is all-roundly blown dry, before it is stopped and unloaded at one of the two loading points.

Technical Data

  • Type of control: automatic
  • Processing width: specific
  • Operators: 1 - 2
  • Flow rate: 100 chairs/h
  • Power supply: 32 A/ 400 V
  • Power consumption: 3 KWh
  • Water supply: 1"
  • Water consumption: 100 Liter
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 8.000mm x 1.800mm x 2.200mm
  • Weight: 3.000kg


Chair washer 600
CW600 is specialized in the cleaning of folding chairs. The machine can be adjusted to different types of folding chairs. The chairs are sprayed with detergent, mechanically brushed, rinsed and dried.

Technical Data

  • Type of control: manual
  • Operators: 1-2
  • Flow rate: 100 chairs/h
  • Power supply: 16 A/ 400 V
  • Power consumption: 4 KWh
  • Water supply: 1"
  • Drain connection: 100mm