RC - drum cleaning

  • RC1400


RC1400 - drum cleaning
The drum washing system is offered as an addition to surface cleaning. The concept provides for less material to be cleaned more gently. The RC1400 works with several washes and thus offers efficient cleaning and above all rinsing.

Basic equipement

  • Plastic drum
  • 10 washing programmes
  • Up to three wash cycles
  • Parameter: duration, amount of water, speed, angle of rotation
  • Efficient flush
  • Sliding gate
  • Front viewing window
  • Drum also partially rotatable

Technical Data

  • Type of control: manual
  • Processing width: 1.400mm
  • Operators: 1
  • Loading capacity: 200kg
  • Power supply: 32 A/ 400 V
  • Power consumption: 4 kWh
  • Water supply: 1"
  • Water consumption: 50 - 150 liter
  • Cycle time: 30 - 90 min
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 4.000mm x 1.410mm x 2.120mm
  • Weight: 1.000kg
  • Drain connection: 100mm


Options, variations and accessories

  • D
    Disinfection unit
  • B
    Loading and unloading wagons

The disinfection unit offers the possibility to sanitise the tarpaulin after the wash cycle and between the rinse cycles. The effluents with disinfection is then collected separately.

Optional loading and unloading wagons simplify handling and ensure that the tarpaulins do not have to be placed on the floor after cleaning.