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SKPident - Wireless inventory tracking

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With SKPident you equip your tarpaulins and other elements with tags. With these tags you can recognize your tarpaulins. You can use this technique to identify the substance in a box within seconds. Even before the washing process, a tarpaulin can be clearly identified.
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SKPident Scanner
The hardware comprises a handheld scanner connected via bluetooth to an iPhone. On the construction site or in the incoming and outgoing goods area, the scanner is able to scan and process several tags at the same time.
SKPident Software
The software for the iPhone is available in the AppStore and offers the possibility to set the scan radius and edit the scanned tags directly. The data can also be processed easily with the SKPident PC software.
SKPident Tag
The calibrated SKPident tags get applied on the tarpaulins first. They can either be glued or welded into a pocket. Generally ranges one tag per fabric, in order to achieve a good reading result.

SKPident bundles

SKPident Professional Box

SKPident Professional bundle

The Professional bundle includes everything to launch SKPident.

  • Storage management: organizing and booking items in storage, furnish shelves with codes, find stored items
  • Palette management
  • Order management: create orders, automatically generared parts list, packing list
  • Regular enhancements and new functions

SKPident modules

In addition to the existing SKPident package, SKP is developing new modules. The following modules are planned and developed for the future.

Track All Modul

Das TrackAll Module

The TrackAll Module is an additional module for SKPident.

  • Single item history
  • Graphic timeline per SKPident tag
  • Safety test report
Ressourcen Management

Resources Management

The Resource Manager supports the management of the material.

  • Resource planing for material
  • Summary of order status
  • Warning for unavailable material in a period
User Management

User Management

The User Management offers the possibility to manage the individual users of SKPident.

  • Login system: login required to use the system
  • Actions dedicated to user and time (who does what when)
  • Distribute rights to users

Notification manager

The Notification Manager provides a constant and detailed overview of the material.

  • Possibility of notification by SMS or e-mail
  • Bookable extra classifications (rented material; all booked material)
  • Summary of the daily movements (requires TrackAll Module)