SKP Repair - Repair and fixing kit

  • SKP Repair
  • Coloured
  • Clearspan/crystal

SKP Repair

SKP Repair
It's a pleasure to introduce you to our new product. SKP Repair is not only helpful and innovative to easy fix our SKP Ident Tags without any sewing or shrink-wrapping. But also to fix or repair PVC tarpaulins, SKP Repair is suitable at best. The advantages may be obvious: no messy glue and no need to carry scrap material, just cut SKP to size, peel it and cover holes or tears in the fabric. SKP Repair is suitable for all PVC tarpaulins and approx. 75cm x 15cm sized.


Technical Data

  • Sticks to all PVC tarpaulins
  • Protects RFID Tags
  • No heat needed - immediately usable
  • 75 cm x 15 cm
  • UV resistant
  • Compatible with all SKP cleaning and drying systems
  • Temperature resistant: -48 °C - (+ 85 °C)
  • Individal quantities and sizes can be requested

SKP Repair coloured

SKP Repair farbig

SKP Repair is available in the standard colour pure white and in nine other colours.

  • RAL 9010 - Pure white
  • RAL 7035 - Light grey
  • RAL 9006 - White aluminium
  • RAL 9005 - Jet black
  • RAL 3002 - Carmine red
  • RAL 2008 - Bright red orange
  • RAL 1003 - Signal yellow
  • RAL 6026 - Opal green
  • RAL 5002 - Ultramarine blue
  • RAL 5010 - Gentian blue

SKP Repair clearspan/crystal

SKP Repair Clearspan / crystal

SKP Repair is available as clearspan / crystal. The adhesive is transparent, so window tarpaulins can be optimally mended.