TA - drying machine - Roof tarpaulins and keder 100% dried

  • TA2000


TA2000 - Trocknungsanlage für Zeltplanen
Conventional tarpaulin cleaning machines are efficient as far as cleaning is concerned. And depending on the product there are also considerable results achieved in terms of surface drying. But there are areas of the tarpaulins which even today present a challenge, i.e. the areas that absorb a large amount of moisture. Especially keder belong to this group. The drying of conventional keder affords time, agitated dry air, and temperature. In the European market, the drying machines of SKP are unique.

Explicit Process

TA2000 is the compact version for the post-drying of flat tarpaulins. This machine was developed to mainly cover the range of keder tarpaulins with a width of three and five meters. With regard to their storage these tarpaulins demand the most of the drying process. An effective post-drying of these tarpaulins increases their life span and their quality-related utilization considerably. TA2000 functions according to the patented continuous-flow principle. The fabrics are transported through the machine via several return shafts. By means of an elaborate air distribution system the surface is surrounded with warm and dry air over a period of time between 15 and 20 minutes. With a throughput of up to 500m² depending on the degree of drying the machine can be connected to the cleaning machine without any problems. At any time, there are approx. 20 meters of tarpaulin in the machine. TA2000 is equipped with a circulating-air dryer with heat exchanger, especially designed for SKP. Hence, the machine is furnished with an energy-saving “drying room”. The return shafts of high-grade steel with transport areas of PU-coated wheels allow for a non-slip, but tarpaulin-protecting transport. The tarpaulin identification at the entrance and at the exit acts as a safe means to deactivate the transport and provides a user-friendly handling. The transport principle of continuous flow allows for a virtually indefinite tarpaulin length. It is only limited by the space available in front of the machine respectively behind it. Optional adapter tarpaulins facilitate and simplify the change-over from five-meter tarpaulins to three-meter tarpaulins. Last but not least, the compact design of the machine assures its integration in most cases. 

Technical Data

  • Type of control: automatic
  • Processing width: 5.000mm
  • Operators: 1
  • Flow rate: 400 m²/h
  • Power supply: 63 A/ 400 V
  • Power consumption: 15 KWh
  • Cycle time: 20 min
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 8.000mm x 2.200mm x 2.600mm
  • Weight: 4.000kg
  • Drain connection: 1"


Options, Variations and Accessories

  • K
    Additional clamping units 3 meter and 5 meter
  • Z
    Seperate adaption fabrics
  • W
    Winding unit
  • F
    Folding aid
  • H
    Alternative heating with gas or hot water

The additionl clamping units assist to put the less wide or longer tarpaulins through the drying machine safely. The SKP GmbH is able to give you advise whether this option is relevant for you or not because of our longtime experience.

With additional adaption fabrics it is possible to achieve a much better drying result.

More winding units fasten the drying process. If it is necessary to cry many fabrics in short time this option is a helpful extension.

The folding aid folds the tarpaulins while leaving the drying machine.

In place of the normal electricity heating there is also a possiblity ti heat with gas or hot water.