Dry­ing machine

TA2000 und TA2006 — dry­ing machine

Com­plete dry­ing of the PVC tar­paul­in and the welt in the effi­cient dry­ing cham­ber

Con­ven­tion­al tar­paul­in clean­ing machines are effi­cient as far as clean­ing is con­cerned. And depend­ing on the product there are also con­sid­er­able res­ults achieved in terms of sur­face dry­ing. But there are areas of the tar­paul­ins which even today present a chal­lenge, i.e. the areas that absorb a large amount of mois­ture. Espe­cially keder belong to this group. The dry­ing of con­ven­tion­al keder affords time, agit­ated dry air, and tem­per­at­ure. In the European mar­ket, the dry­ing machines of SKP are unique.

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