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SKPident Hard­ware

Robust and soph­ist­ic­ated hard­ware

Mobile hand­held scan­ner

SKPident Tags

SKPident tags can be shrink-wrapped in a pock­et on the tarp or glued to the tarp using SKP Repair. Togeth­er with tarp con­vert­ers we are work­ing on a SKPident Ready solu­tion. Usu­ally one tag per tarp is suf­fi­cient. It is also pos­sible to cre­ate twin tags and apply two SKPident tags to the tarp. This way, scan­ning is suc­cess­ful even in an envir­on­ment full of inter­fer­ing factors such as met­al.

The mobile hand­held scan­ner from SKPident mas­ters — depend­ing on loc­al con­di­tions and set­tings in the app — a range of up to eight meters. It can be con­veni­ently con­trolled via the SKPident app and can not only scan the RFID-tagged tar­paul­ins, but also loc­ate them with­in scan­ning range. Due to its above-aver­age bat­tery qual­ity, the scan­ner does not need to be recharged for up to five days — so mobile use is guar­an­teed not only with­in the ware­house, but also dur­ing assembly and dis­as­sembly.

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