SKP Repair

SKP Repair

Repair and fix­ing kit

SKP Repair is a self-adhes­ive, innov­at­ive PVC patch that is ideally suited for our SKPident tags. With SKP Repair, the tags can be attached to the tar­paul­in very eas­ily — without sew­ing or weld­ing. Of course, SKP Repair is also ideal for repair­ing tar­paul­ins: there is no need for addi­tion­al adhes­ive that can get dirty, and there is no need to carry around leftover tar­paul­ins. Simply cut the PVC patch to the desired size, peel it off and stick it to the holes and tears in the tar­paul­in. The uni­ver­sal adhes­ive mater­i­al is suit­able for all PVC tar­paul­ins and is also avail­able in clearspan or col­oured on request.


SKP Repair white

Quick and easy repair

SKP Repair is avail­able in the stand­ard col­our pure white (RAL 9010). Both as strips, which are cut to size for the SKPident tags, and as A4 sheets to cut to size your­self.

Clearspan / crys­tal

Per­fect for win­dow tar­paul­ins

SKP Repair is also avail­able as Clearspan/crystal. Since the adhes­ive is trans­par­ent, win­dow tar­paul­ins can be optim­ally patched.

SKP Repair colored

Many col­or options

SKP Repair is also avail­able in col­our on request.

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