WK2500 is the exten­ded ver­sion of WK500. Apart from a large sed­i­ment­a­tion tank, in which the return­ing clean­ing water is col­lec­ted, the machine has two tanks with 1,500 liters of water each. While the first tank is used for feed­ing the machine, the water of the second tank is incess­antly led over a high-volume spe­cial fil­ter and thus cleared of dirt particles in an intense mech­an­ic­al way. WK2500 reduces the use of water to the resid­ual mois­ture on the tar­paul­in and to the exchange of liquid in the sed­i­ment­a­tion tank. Since 2004, sat­is­fied cus­tom­ers take advant­age of this mech­an­ic­al clean­ing machine which offers them a min­im­um of water con­sump­tion.

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